Thrussington Life

For many years Thrussington Life has been published and delivered free to all the households in the village. Also for a small fee the magazine can be mailed out to people who are interested in the village but may have moved away.

The magazine has also been published on the Leicestershire villages website but the site will close in August 2016 so it is the editor’s intention to publish the magazine on this site.

There are 10 magazines a year, December & January being combined as is July & August and I usually try and have the magazine delivered around the 1st of each month.  

If you would like to publish an item in the magazine then please contact the Editor on or use the contact form from the About Menu

Thrussington Life

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Thrussington Life July-Aug 18

Thrussington Life April 18                      Thrussington Life May 18                    Thrussington Life June 18

Thrussington Life Dec – Jan 18              Thrussington Life Feb 2018                Thrussington Life March 18

Thrussington Life Sept 2017                  Thrussington Life Oct 17                     Thrussington Life Nov 2017

Thrussington Life July-August 2017    Thrussington Life June 2017                Thrussington Life May 2017

Thrussington Life April 2017                Thrussington Life March 2017               Thrussington Life February 2017

Thrussington Life Dec – Jan 2017         Thrussington Life Nov 2016                  Thrussington Life October 2016

Thrussington Life Sept 2016                 Thrussington Life July / August 2016   Thrussington Life June 2016

 Thrussington Life May 2016                 Thrussington Life April 2016                 Thrussington Life March 2016  

Thrussington Life Feb 2016                  Thrussington Life Dec – Jan 2016