Neighbourhood Plan – Vision & Objectives


To protect and enhance the character and identity of the Parish of Thrussington and to ensure any development opportunities are sustainable and appropriate to the scale and nature of the Parish, respecting its historic, agricultural and rural character.

1 – Housing Objective

To ensure any future housing responds to local needs, is of a high standard of design, and fits well into the context of the Parish in terms of type, mix, scale and character.

2 – Transport Objective

To promote safe public streets and spaces; reduce traffic volumes through more accessible and beneficial sustainable transport links (including footpaths and cycle routes); and ensure appropriate parking solutions which are sensitive to the Parish’s unique character.

3 – Business and Economic Activity Objective

To sustain and enhance the thriving range of community and commercial activities and services in the Parish. Those that currently operate within the Parish are more likely to be considered favourably and economic activity such as working from home and appropriate farm diversification will be encouraged.

4 – Environment Objective

To place high value on the landscape setting of the Parish and will seek protection and enhancement of this central element of Thrussington’s character, including key gateways, views and vistas, local wildlife habitats and maximising the opportunities offered by the River Wreake.

5 – Leisure and Recreation Objective

To improve the leisure and recreation opportunities for residents of all ages by encouraging provision of open space and children’s play facilities and protect existing assets such as the school, village hall and other community buildings and spaces used for community events.

6 – Design and Heritage Objective

To identify, protect and enhance Thrussington’s heritage assets and key public spaces. Ensure that any future development is sympathetic to the existing character of the Parish in attractive, environmental and innovative ways.